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Locality Influence Network

The South Gloucestershire Locality Influence Network (LIN) is a team of seven customers who collaborate with Bromford colleagues to help shape and influence what is happening in their locality. By using their life skills and experience customers help improve the way we deliver our services. There is also an opportunity to influence what is happening in the wider community and make it a better place to live in.

The South Gloucestershire Locality Influence Network is currently running as a pilot to ensure it can deliver a great service that is value for money. If the pilot is a success it will be reproduced in other localities where we have a high density of homes. 

Customers get involved for many reasons, the most common reasons include:

Holding us to account.
Embracing and promoting the values of social housing.
Learning new skills through doing and training.
Gaining new experiences, meeting new people and keeping your mind and body active. 

Latest LIN update

Local Influence Network focuses on damp issues

The South Gloucestershire Local Influence Network is putting damp issues in customers homes under the spotlight.

At its March meeting the group invited Marc Goldby, head of property investment, to discuss the work being done to tackle damp and mould issues in customers homes. Bromford is looking at what are property issues that make damp and mould more likely to occur and what we can do about these. He also said that lifestyle issues that can create condensation are also being explored and how neighbourhood coaches can identify and remedy these.

Network member and customer Debra Nott said: “Tackling damp and mould issues in customers’ homes will go a long way to helping to increase customer satisfaction and reducing the stigma that some customers feel about living in social housing properties.”

The group will invite Marc to return at the end of the year and update them on progress.