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If you are affected by Bedroom Tax, moving to a smaller property with fewer spare rooms may be your solution.

There are different ways you can find another property:


Homeswapper - You can swap houses with someone else living in a housing association or council property which has fewer bedrooms, but first you must find someone to swap with. Homeswapper is a website that helps you find properties to swap with in your area you want to live in. Click Here to visit Homeswapper

Bromford Homeswap - We have created a Facebook page for our customers looking to swap the property they rent. Simply post the type of property you have and the property you are looking for. Make sure you read the guidance notes on how to use the page. Click here to visit Bromford Homeswap and 'Like'


Choice Based Lettings - Your council may offer a 'Choice Based Lettings' scheme. If your looking for a new home, rather than a waiting list, properties are now advertised online through a local council or authority. This makes the allocation of properties simpler and more transparent, allowing you to make a choice about where you live. Click Here to find a Choice Based Lettings Scheme