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Did you know that?

While we were gathering the money saving tips, we came across these - you might find them interesting:

  • If you receive benefits, your children may be entitled to free school meals. To find out whether you're eligible, check out the government's website


  • You could also receive a one off payment of £500 if you're going to have your first child (unless it is a multiple birth). Find out more about the Sure Start Maternity Grant


  • If the sender or the recipient is blind, they may be able to send items for free via the Royal Mail. Find out more information here.


  • You can get stamps at a discounted price if you buy in bulk. Have a look here.


  • With petrol prices going up, we all need to find the best price. Put your postcode into 'Petrol Prices' and it'll tell you the cheapest fuel within 10 miles from more than 9,000 stations.


  • Roll a lemon or another citrus fruit back and forth on a worktop surface before squeezing and you'll have more juice!


  • Have you got leftovers? SuperCook lets you input what leftovers you have and gives you recipes to turn them into meals!


  • See how you can reduce your carbon footprint and tips on how to save money on fuel with the Energy Savings Trust with their Travel Energy Check


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