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What your rent pays for

One of the most asked questions we receive are 'What does our rent pay for?'. Well, now you can find out.

Your rent helps to pay for many of the services you receive by being a Bromford customer.

Using figures from the last financial year (April 2016- March 2017), we've put together on the colourful chart below how much of each pound of rent you spend goes towards our services...



39% of each pound of the rent you pay goes towards the services you receive. This includes services such as our 24 hour emergency repairs line and improvements to your home. The 39p in each pound paid also goes towards keeping your neighbourhood in good condition. Such as cutting the grass and cleaning your hallways.

34% helps us to build new homes, helping existing customers looking for a new place to live and new families to get onto the property ladder. You're helping to create thriving communities and make new memories.

27% goes towards our interest bill and repayment of the loans used to pay to build your home.

So that's nearly three-quarters of what you pay in rent, well 73% to be exact, goes towards your services and building a better future together.

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