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Service charges and other costs

When you rent a Bromford home, you may need to pay service charges for any communal services that are provided.

You may also pay for specialist support services for you or your home.

Find out more about how our charges are set below.

  • We review our service charges once a year at the same time as carrying out the rent review. These fixed service charges are only used to cover the costs to pay for the services you may receive.

    Service charges are based on what the service costs us to provide. The cost for providing a service is calculated based on the previous year's costs, any known or estimated increases or decreases in cost for the current year and any adjustments for inflation.

    The overall cost of the service is then divided between the customers who receive the service - that way each customer only pays for their share of the services they receive.

    As an open and transparent organisation we'll send you a breakdown of your service charge calculations each time they are re-calculated.

  • Your service charge is personal to you and may contain one or a number of the following elements:

    Housing related service charges


    This will be for the cleaning of shared areas such as hallways, entrance halls and stairwells.


    Shared areas such as communal greens, hedges or the removal of weeds and general maintenance of parking areas.

    Heating and lighting

    Heating and lighting in shared areas such as hallways, entrance halls and stairwells.

    Servicing and repairing doors and entrances

    This covers the servicing and repairing of door-entry systems into schemes and building which have a shared entrance, such as blocks of flats.

    Servicing and repairing lifts

    This may be a shared lift or in some circumstances, a personal lift.

    Fire equipment 

    This is for servicing fire equipment in shared areas and may include items such as smoke detectors or emergency lighting.

    Other contract services

    This could be for the maintenance of items such as CCTV, special hoists and baths, waste water pumping stations,  communal TV aerials, car park barriers and security, pest control and electrical testing.

    Non-contract services

    This may include items such as water rates, collecting rubbish and removing graffiti. 

    Service repairs – shared areas

    These are estate or communal area repairs  such as heating or lighting repairs. In some cases this may include white good repairs for individuals.

    Caretaking services

    If your scheme has a caretaker, these charges will apply.

    Fund for replacing capital items.

    This is to account for the replacement of equipment such as lifts and door-entry systems, fire equipment,  TV aerial, car park barriers, white goods and CCTV which cannot be repaired.

    Central management of services

    A charge for the administration of our service contracts, paying contractors and other bills, and calculating and administering the charges.

    Providing shared facilities

    This is where we provide areas for customers to use such as resource flats, shared lounges, shared kitchens and so on.

    Additional housing management service

    Where we provide services such as site-based Scheme Managers dealing with housing-related services, Community Connectors, Good Neighbours and so on.


    Garage rents or garage water rates or both.

  • If you have a query with any element of your charge, please provide full details by clicking on the link below. 

    Click here to contact us about your service charge query

  • Some of our supported housing customers will have an element to their rent called ‘additional housing management charge’.  

    It’s the charge we make to people living in our supported accommodation and includes items such as:

    assisting customers to understand the terms of their occupancy agreement and what they are responsible for; assisting access to benefit claims;

    advising and helping to resolve issues when things go wrong; signposting and support with health and mobility issues;

    from referral to successful installation of aids and adaptations;

    ensuring the safety and security of occupied buildings; shared areas, and appropriate access;

    ensuring the specialist accommodation is embraced in the local community and provide additional services through hubs and other community based resources where appropriate.

  • Paying your rent is one of the most important payments you will need to make whilst you’re living in your home.

    If you ever fall behind with your rent, don’t shy away. It’s important that you tell us first. We’re not here to hound you for money you may owe; we’re here to help you find a solution to get you back on track.

    If you're struggling to pay your rent, in the first instance, please contact your neighbourhood coach

    Your neighbourhood coach will discuss your finances with you. They'll make an arrangement with you on how much you can pay towards your rent and to help clear any arrears you may have. Think of it as an action plan. We may also arrange for one of our money advisors to talk to you – particularly if you are finding it hard to cope financially or have multiple debts. We will also make sure you’re getting the right benefits and help you with money and debt advice.

    You can also get advice from different external agencies, such as Citizens Advice BureauTurn2Us or the Money Advice Service.

    Read more advice on how we can help if you're struggling to pay your rent.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us

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