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Each year we speak to more than 9,000 customers to find out how you feel about your relationship with us and the services we provide. We want our services to be easy to use and for you to tell us that you feel that you have a good relationship with us which works so well you would recommend us to a friend. We’ve shared our latest results with you below.

Our latest results

Results for the quarter ending December 2018. Click on the image below to view the latest results.

89% of customers would recommend us to a friend 


You can view our previous customer feedback performance below: 

How we're doing - September 2018

How we're doing - June 2018

How we're doing - March 2018


We’re always looking for ways to improve how we do things, so at least every three months we take a closer look at your feedback to see what the trends are and how we can improve.

Here's what we're working on fixing

Each year we speak to more than 9,000 customers to find out how you feel about your relationship with us and the services we provide. Every three months we take a closer look at your feedback to see what the trends are and how we can improve.

See what we're working on fixing

Here's what we've fixed previously

  • You said:

    We could improve your experience of contacting our customer services team by reducing our call waiting times and resolving more issues the first time.

    What’s our aim?

    For fewer customers to say our call waiting times are an issue for them and for more customers to confirm we got things right first time.

    What are we doing?

    We’re currently looking at all the different options available to customers to get in touch with us and are mapping out the overall customer experience.
    We’re working hard to ensure that if you need to get in touch with us that it’s easy, quick and you get the answers you need to resolve your enquiry straight away.

    We know this piece of work will take time to deliver so to help alleviate things now, we’re being proactive and delivering more training to colleagues, including ‘winter ready’ workshops, so we can provide the best possible service to our customers in our busier times, ensure we’re well equipped for any potential bad weather in the winter months and answer and resolve your enquiries as quickly as possible.

    Most recently, 76% of customers confirmed we got things right first time, we hope to see our score  improve in the coming months as we work hard to improve our services.

  • You said:

    Last winter we received feedback and calls from customers to say their boiler wasn’t working. We identified this was a common issue with the condensate pipework that was freezing, unfortunately leaving customers with no heating and hot water.

    What’s our aim?

    For fewer customers in the future to tell us this is an issue for them.

    What are we doing?

    We responded to the issues by supporting customers over the phone to try and get things working again and where this wasn’t possible we sent an engineer out to fix it.

    Since then our in-house gas team have been pro-actively fitting Boiler Buoy’s whilst installing new heating systems in customers’ homes. The device helps prevent the back filling of the condensate pipework, including freezing by alerting customers to any blockage.

    We’ve promised to fit these to every boiler where a customer told us this was an issue for them and we’ve also been fitting them to any future boiler installations that have a high risk of freezing. The team have also been supporting our other gas contractors to share the workload when things are busier to ensure all customers have their new heating systems installed on time.

    It’s pleasing to see that our in-house gas team are continuing to deliver a great service to our customers, achieving a consistently high customer recommendation score of 94%.