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Each year we speak to more than 9,000 customers to find out how you feel about your relationship with us and the services we provide. We want our services to be easy to use and for you to tell us that you feel that you have a good relationship with us which works so well you would recommend us to a friend. We’ve shared our latest results with you below.

Our latest results

View our latest results for the quarter ending March 2019. 



You can view our previous customer feedback performance below: 

How we're doing - December 2018

How we're doing - September 2018

How we're doing - June 2018



We’re always looking for ways to improve how we do things, so at least every three months we take a closer look at your feedback to see what the trends are and how we can improve.

Here's what we're working on fixing

Each year we speak to more than 9,000 customers to find out how you feel about your relationship with us and the services we provide. Every three months we take a closer look at your feedback to see what the trends are and how we can improve.

See what we're working on fixing

Here's what we've fixed previously

  • You said:

    There were some individual issues we could pick up which would help improve how you feel about the safety and appearance of your area.

    What’s our aim?

    For customers to tell us they feel better about the safety and appearance of their area.

    What are we doing?

    We’re still reading every comment you send us, and
    wherever possible we’re carrying out work to improve things for you.

    Some great examples in the last three months that
    we can share with you are:
    • At Warns Court, we improved the parking by converting the flower beds to create extra bays due to it being congested. We’ll also be constructing raised flower beds on the cobbled areas, which will replenish the flower beds that we removed and improve the look of the area and provide a focal point to the end of the service road. We’ve been speaking with local customers about the improvement works and they tell us they’re very happy
    • We’ve continued with our improvement works at Dunstall House, where we’d previously installed new raised beds and customers were growing their own flowers and vegetables. We’ve now fitted a new bin store as well to help prevent fly tipping, and we’ve taken the large paladin bins from the side of the road to make the whole area more welcoming.

  • You said:

    That we could do more to improve our resales and staircasing service by keeping you more informed and reducing delays in the process.

    What’s our aim?

    For more customers to recommend our resales and staircasing service to a friend.

    What are we doing?

    We were disappointed to hear last time that just 38% of customers would recommend the service and we’re committed to improving this. We’ve read all your comments and listened to your feedback and we’re now contacting you more often either by phone or email to keep you informed of the progress of your sale or purchase. We also recognised that one of the solicitors we use wasn’t performing as well as we’d expect, and things were taking longer when they were involved. We’ve ended our relationship with them and are now working with a new solicitor’s firm. We’re closely tracking how things are going and we’re pleased to see that in the most recent three months, 64% of customers said they would recommend the service to a friend.

    You said:

    When you had heating upgrades you said there were more things we could do to improve the experience for you.

    What’s our aim?

    For even more customers to recommend our in-house gas installation team to a friend.

    What are we doing?

    • To help reduce delays and alleviate potential issues with a new heating installation, we’re now sending a surveyor to assess customers’ homes beforehand. This ensures that our team are fully aware of what to expect before they arrive and have everything in place and all the necessary parts ordered to carry out the installation. We’re learning from feedback that this has improved things for customers by minimising disruption and speeding up the process. To alleviate disruption further we’re also using a ‘spider lift,’ removing the need for scaffolding
    • We’re recruiting engineers with a broader knowledge and skills set to make sure we’re fully equipped to deal with any potential problems which may occur and fix them straight away. The team are also working hard to make the installations more visually appealing, such as boxing in pipes before they leave – this was something customers told us was important to them
    • To meet individual customers’ needs we’re offering weekend installation appointments and for some customers’ who need them we’re installing ‘heat only’ boilers to enable greater hot water storage
    • We’re supporting customers when arranging their own gas meters to be switched from all electric to gas via three way conference calling with the customer, the gas provider and ourselves ensuring all the questions the provider needs to know are answered so the meter and installation can be carried out
    • Where customers experience breakdowns with their existing heating system which can’t be fixed and a new one is needed; we’re working closely with our external contractors and sharing the work between us to ensure the installation happens at the earliest possible date, so we get things back up and running as quickly as possible for our customers
    • It’s pleasing to see our focus here continues to be reflected in customer feedback with 93% of customers saying they would recommend our in-house gas installation team to a friend.