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Our story

We've been helping people be the best they can be since 1963.

On 21st November 1963, a group of Midland's professionals decided to help some local people who were struggling to afford to put a roof over their heads - this is the moment Bromford Housing Association was born. To find out what happened next why not take a journey through our past, present and future.

To give it a bit of context, we've included some of the major events that dominated the national headlines throughout the decades, such as the BBC's screening of Ken Loach's inspirational film about homelessness, Cathy Come Home, and the Iron Lady coming to power in 1979. Take a look through our journey so far by clicking on the link below.

50 years to celebrate

It was our 50th birthday in 2013, and to celebrate we held a series of events called 'Future50'. We also created our first ever digital interactive magazine called 'In Fifty'.

We filled 'In Fifty' with interviews and features that looked back over the last five decades, highlighted how we’ve celebrated our special year and also answered the big question …“what's next for Bromford?”

As is the Bromford way, we integrated a whole host of multi-media content into every feature enabling you to explore as much, or as little, as you like. You can also read this magazine on the go via your smart phone or tablet. So next time you get a few free moments why not take a look at some of the things we got up to? Take a look through In Fifty by clicking on the link below.