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Christmas Ideas on a budget

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Finding the perfect gift for family and friends doesn't have to be expensive. It can be something that comes from the heart. Bromford customer and lifestyle blogger Sarah Louise Bailey shares with us her tips on being inventive and on a budget this Christmas.

Christmas is meant to be fun a time for being with friends and family, but so often these days I am seeing posts about how much money people are spending; it is almost as though there is a competition to see who can spend the most and buy the best presents. So let’s take a step back and look at some ideas for Christmas on a budget, letting you enjoy the day without having to worry about the bills that may arrive in the New Year.


In the past few years I have received a number of homemade gifts and in many ways they are the ones that remain with me for longer. Each time I look at them I remember the work and effort that a person has put into the gift. It also opens up so many options, you could do something as simple as getting your child to paint a picture, or look to be a bit more adventurous and decorate mugs. A simple cost effective idea to give a personalised gift is making your own wrappers for chocolate and you could even look to make your own wrapping paper .

Of course crafting doesn’t have to stop (or start) at gifts. Decorating your home can also be done on a budget; you could use rags to make a wreath or decorate your home with tissue paper pom poms,. Or those who aren’t feeling so adventurous, try making a paper chain or cutting pieces out of a folded piece of paper to make a snowflake.


Instead of buying in mince pies, Christmas cake and other festive delights, why not make your own? You could even make extra portions and use them as gifts. If you want to be a bit different, why not look at something like this chocolate spoon gift idea.


Set yourself a budget and stick to it. Quite often supermarkets own brands are just as nice as named brands, but you are paying extra to have the name on it. Pound shops, charity shops and car boots can make for good places to pick up gifts and you could always do a bit of DIY to give it a whole new look before gifting it on.


Don’t be afraid to re-gift something you haven’t used – just make sure you don’t give it back to the original sender. 

Most of all don’t judge yourself against others. At the end of the day if all I got from my friends and family was a big hug and a ‘Merry Christmas’ I would be just as happy.

Sarah is a Bromford customer and UK Lifestyle blogger. She is most often found blogging away on her own blog Life in a Break Down, or running a meeting place for UK Bloggers.

Follow her on twitter @Life_BreakDown.