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Feeling safer this Halloween

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Halloween might be a good time to dress up and bag some free sweets, but it isn't for everybody. Bromford customer and regular blogger Sarah Louise Bailey shares with us her tips on staying safe at Halloween.  

I don’t like some parts of Halloween – I mean it is all fun and games when it comes to kids dressing up in costumes and parties being thrown, but I really don’t like the idea of trick or treat, ok if a neighbour or friend has a child who wants to come around prearranged that’s fine, but the idea of a stranger knocking on my door in the dark, that sets my anxiety off.

While I now have a man in the house to send to the door should the bell go, back in the days of living alone with the dog I used to put a few strategies into action come Halloween night.

  • Most local councils offer a free download of a ‘no trick or treat’ poster as well as useful phone numbers should anything go wrong that you can tape up on your front door (if you don’t have a printer I’ve often found them in the local library or council office pre-printed). Bromford offer their own Trick or Treat posters. You can download them here
  • Turn your lights off at the front of your home, so it looks like you aren’t even in.
  • Ignore the doorbell or even turn it off – if you aren’t expecting someone just don’t answer the door.
  • Spend the night with friends or family – either pop over to them or why not invite them over to yours, it can feel safer with someone else around.
  • Speak to a neighbour and let them know how you feel and keep an eye on each other.

If you decide you do want to answer the door this Halloween then look to open your door on a latch, check out who is there, before opening it anymore. Keep important numbers close at hand around remember you can always phone the police either using 101 in a non-emergency (such as people hanging around and looking a bit suspicious) or phone 999 if you feel you are personally in danger.

Whatever you are doing – make sure you stay and feel safe this Halloween and have a good one.

Sarah is a Bromford customer and blogger; she is most often found blogging away at her own blog Life in a Break Down, or running a meeting place for UK Bloggers.

Follow her on twitter @Life_BreakDown