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How to cope with depression on your own

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Living on your own with depression can be hard, those days when you want to just stay in bed are so easy to give into as there is no reason not to – no one to tell you, "you know you really should get yourself up and dressed, have a bath, brush your hair".

I always had pets so I had to get up (believe me a dog that wants food / walks or the toilet does not give up easily). There are a few other things I did as well, which I hope can be of use to someone.

  1. Don’t have a TV in your bedroom, for me at least it gave me more reason to stay in another room as I had some form of entertainment.
  2. Put your phone or tablet either in another room before bed, or just out of arms reach so you have to get out of bed to reach them.
  3. Don’t bring food / drink into the bedroom – of course have a small glass of water by the bed, but don’t bring in anything extra.
  4. Set yourself tasks for each day of the week – it doesn’t have to be anything big, just making sure you do the washing up, hoover or clean the toilet.
  5. Try and speak to someone every day even for a few minutes on the phone and make sure you get out and see people at least once a week (the more often the better).

When it comes to the internet it can be a great tool with helping you cope - I know even now it is, but do as you would in the real would and make sure that those you communicate with are the right sort of people, Make sure you support one another and look out for each other, rather than pulling each other down.

Living on your own with depression can be hard, not every day will be good and you do not need to punish yourself when you do decide to have a PJ day, but it can also be the doorway to helping yourself, coming out of that shell and starting to bloom.

Sarah-Louise Bailey