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What you need to know about Swap and Move

The content in this article may now be out of date. Please try searching for a more recent version.

We all want to find the right home and one of the ways you can do this with Bromford is through a ‘mutual exchange’. Essentially a swap.

Recently we have changed the way you can search for a home. We used to ask you to advertise your property through ‘’

Now, we have moved over to ‘’, a new website to help you find the right home for you.

You might have some questions about this change. So we’ve put together some answers for you:

Why have we moved over?

‘Swap and Move’ is a new website which will be easier to access for our customers. 

I've tried to log into Homeswapper but it won't let me?

We have now ended our contract with ‘Homeswapper’ and moved our customer’s details over to ‘Swap and Move’.

Therefore your account will have gone and you now need to register on swap and move our new mutual exchange website.

Customers who are registered and not actively looking for an exchange will have their account deactivated after a period of time.

We feel this will be a big improvement from feedback we have had from customers trying to contact people who are no longer looking to exchange.

How do I access my Swap and Move account?

You will have been sent an email from 'Swap and Move’ to your email address that was registered on your ‘Homeswapper’ account.

This will advise you that an account has been set up by Bromford. You will need to complete your registration in order for your account to be live and to benefit from all the great features of ‘Swap and Move’.

I haven't received an email from Swap and Move?

If you haven’t received an email then please contact us.

Alternatively you can re-register. It only takes a couple of minutes. 

How can I keep up to date with any suitable matches?

You will receive weekly emails showing any suitable matches. 

My property details are not correct?

Unfortunately not all photos were able to be transferred over to Swap and Move so you may wish to upload these.

If you did not have an email address on Homeswapper then your details will not have been transferred over

You will need to register as a new customer and it only takes a few minutes.

We can't find many properties in our area?

Swap and Move is a new website.

More housing associations and landlords will be joining in the next few weeks and months. 

With more customers being made aware of this website through exchanges, social media and word of mouth, more properties will start to appear.

If you would like to find out more about finding a new home, click here.