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Why Bromford?

If you’re open to working with a neighbourhood coach to get to where you want to be, we could be the perfect partnership. Because at Bromford we’re all about investing in people – and that means spending time to get to know you and developing a relationship that is based on mutual trust.

Why is this important? We know that a great relationship helps us support you in achieving your goals as well as enhancing the community as a whole. At the heart of that partnership is The Bromford Deal.

What’s The Bromford Deal?

The Deal is individual to you – depending on your skills, talents, interests and aspirations. We want to know about your strengths and your potential, rather than focusing on weaknesses. And after providing you with a quality home in an area you want to live in, our coaching approach will support you to take control of your own life and make different connections and links within your community.

You might need support getting back into employment, guidance on how to get your tenancy off to the best possible start, advice on home ownership, help on how to manage your money better or simply coaching on how to develop a particular skill or access a specific service. We promise to treat you as an individual as part of a trusting relationship and we, in turn, expect the same as we know every partnership requires effort from both sides.

Find out more about how we could work together by watching the video below.