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2 and 3 bedroom homes available now in Cannock.

Welcome to Walkmill Place, a choice of 2 and 3 bedroom homes built by Linden Homes and available to buy through shared ownership.

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  • House type – 2 Bed (The Birch)

    Full value: £ £167,500
    Minimum share of 40%
    40% share value: £67,000
    5% minimum deposit: £ £3,350
    Rent on remaining share: £230.31
    Service charge: £16.16
    Building Insurance: £15.06

    House type – 3 bed house (The Elms)

    Full value: £ £215,000
    Minimum share of 40%
    40% share value: £86,000
    5% minimum deposit: £ £4,300
    Rent on remaining share: £295.63
    Service charge: £16.16
    Building Insurance: £15.06


    Local area information coming soon. 



    Click here to download the site map

    Artist’s impression drawn from architect’s plans to show the relative position of individual properties. NOT TO SCALE. This is a two dimensional drawing and will not show land contours and gradients, boundary treatments, landscaping or local authority street lighting. Please contact our Sales Team for more information. The information contained in this leaflet does not constitute a contract, written or implied.
  • Interested in buying through shared ownership but want to find out more? Click here to go to our shared ownership page.

Here's what you need to do next:

If you are interested in applying for a home at Walkmill Place, Cannock please follow the application process below.

  • Register with Help to Buy. If you have already done this please email your Help to Buy reference number to the Bromford Homes Sales Team in order for us to log your interest, or call us on 0800 0852 499.

  • The local area connection criteria varies between developments, but generally it’s based on:

    • Being a resident (or employed within) the area for a number of years (usually between 2-5).
    • Family connections – for example, parent, grandparent, child, grandchild or adult sibling – who have lived in the area for at least three years.

    Local area connection information for Walkmill Place coming soon. 

  • As part of the application process you are required to carry out an affordability assessment and provide documents to support the application, TMP Mortgages will carry out this initial assessment.

    • Visit TMP Mortgages' website:
    • Click the Apply now button
    • Complete the online questionnaire

    Your assessment will then be allocated to the correct person and an advisor will then make contact with you within 24 hours (not including weekends) they will discuss options with you and request documents required to complete the application. All documents must be provided to TMP within five working days.

    If you have any difficulties completing the assessment online please contact TMP directly who will be able to assist you: Tel: 01604 780586.

  • Once you have completed all of Step 3, TMP will provide you with a reference number to show you have provided all the documents and that you meet the criteria for shared ownership. Keep this number safe and write it down along with your Help to buy reference.

    Please email your Help to Buy and TMP reference numbers to along with confirmation of the development you are interested in.

    All applications will be processed in order of receipt based on when both reference numbers were provided. Unfortunately we may not be able to process your application if any of these steps have not been followed, or if any information is missing.

2&3 bed homes available now at Walkmill Place, Cannock